Comfy Seating

We’re improving our trains!

As of 2019 we are upgrading our train fleet for a better customer journey.

The new fleet includes longer trains, more seating available, air-con and heated carriages as well as comfier fabric seating for second class and state of the art leather for first class.

These changes are our investment and will not cost our customers any more.

Enjoy and travel will TGR.

Service Disruption - check before your travel

Timetable Changes:

Saturday, 05 January

Amended service between Sterling and Perth

Amended service between Hitchin and Peterborough

Bag a bargain

Get there, for less

All fairs indicated are one way

London to Leeds

Standard Class

Sat, 19 Jan 2019



Last checked 8min ago

Edinburgh to Newcastle

Standard Class

Mon, 7 Jan 2019



Last checked 8min ago

Newcastle to London

Standard Class

Wed, 13 Feb 2019



Last checked 8min ago

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